Boxing it All In

To hold all of our electrical components and keep them out of the elements, we created a press-fit box. It will house our four relay switches which control 120V sources to our lights, duct-fan, and irrigation control valves. Under the relays will be all of our microcontroller circuitry. Here are some pictures of the control box.

We are also making progress in the server side of things. We received a raspberry pi from the lab on which we will host our server with all our plant information. In this way, we will be able to create new recipes for additional plants in the future and by extension will only relay the desired growing conditions to our Photon board. This gives us much easier control over future additions to our inventory.

Coming soon in the mail we have our analog muxes to take in and read more analog devices than the Photon allows on board. We also have our four water sensors for irrigation control, a duct fan for cooling, and plastic sheeting to put around our greenhouse. We plan on working with 80/20 T-slotted, aluminum building material provided by a previous class project for a frame around which we will wrap the plastic sheeting.


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